Reset progress of SIE study

Hi could you please reset my progress? its been a couple months since I was reading the textbook and I don’t remember much… Thank you!

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Sure thing, I’ve just reset everything for you!

Thank you, could you also reset the study plan? thanks!

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Done! Happy to change it again if needed.

We’ll be adding a way to change the date yourself soon :slight_smile:

Hello @Justin could you please reset my progress for the SIE? Thank you!

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Hi @MACaccount, sure thing - I’ve just reset it.

can you reset my progress please?

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Sure @Eventual_bronze_kite, I’ve just reset your progress!

Can you reset my progress? thanks!!

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Hi @Eventual_bronze_kite, I’ve just reset your progress again!

Hi, can I get my progress reset - Tiffany Aguilar

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Hi @Wonderful_black_gras, you’re all set!