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I just got back from taking my S7 for the second time and failed with a score of 71%. Honestly, felt very prepared and confident going into the exam. I felt that maybe I was 50/50 on a few suitability questions but other than that I felt great. Test overall was not difficult and am just disappointed with a failing grade after two months studying. Would appreciate any advice for someone that is going to take the exam for a third time soon. Thanks again.

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear that, but thanks for letting us know. I’ve just reset your course progress.

I looked at your account and noticed you didn’t take any practice exams - please make sure to do that next time! We recommend people take at least 5 exams, and more than that if their scores are low.

Taking the practice exams gives you a sense of the feel of the real exam, and it’s an excellent way to review and fill in any gaps in your knowledge or refresh any problematic topics from the text.

Thank you! My BD was adamant I work through Kaplan and I paid for Achievable on my own. I should have invested more time in this program to be honest. That is the plan for the next month to use Achievable as my main source and use the Kaplan Q bank as my supplement.

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Hi Team,

Seeing that I will be studying for my 3rd attempt in about 4-6 weeks from today. Would you mind giving me any advice on studying for the S7 again? Would you simply reset my achievable account, which you did yesterday, and start over? I don’t mind doing so but looking for study efficiency and strategizing a game plan to make certain I’m giving myself the best opportunity to pass this on my third and FINAL attempt. Thank you!

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It’s always tricky to make general recommendations since every situation is unique, but I’m happy to share my thoughts.

On the one hand, you’re extremely close to passing already, having scored a 71%. If that was your first attempt, we would recommend that you focus on taking practice exams, carefully reviewing everything missed or guessed, and reviewing the text whenever you come across a concept you don’t fully understand.

On the other hand, if it’s your third attempt, the stakes are higher. Filling in the gaps by taking exams will be the most efficient strategy, but if you have the time to start from scratch and essentially take our entire course from start to finish, you can have much more confidence that you’ll pass on the next try.

If I were in your situation, I would probably spend more time on practice exams coupled with a significant amount of reading - going over entire sections related to questions I missed to ensure that there wasn’t something else I didn’t even realize I didn’t know.

Ultimately the decision is up to you!

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