Reset For Series 7

Hello! Can I get my Acheivable program reset for the Series 7? Thank you!

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Hi @Free_teal_goldfish, you should be all set!

Thank you, Justin! I’m ready to get started again.

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HI @Justin - can you reset my series 7 as well? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Commercial_azure_sni, you’re good to go!

Hi @Justin ,
Due to health issues, I have moved my test to January.
Can you reset my program? Also, I noted that my program expires 12/24. Is it possible to have an additional 2 weeks added to that time? I anticipate taking by 1/14/24 - I am just waiting on the updated test center dates so I can register.

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Hi @Commercial_azure_sni, thanks for explaining your situation.

I’m happy to help - I’ve just reset your course and extended your access.

@Justin Hi Justin, could you please also reset my dashboard completely. I would like to start fresh again.

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@Alvin_Kub - you’re good to go!

Thank you so much! @Justin

Hello, please reset my Series 7

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Hi @Nadine_McLaughlin, you’re good to go!