Reset Dashboard for SIE

Please reset my dashboard for SIE

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Hi @Symbolic_rose_warble, sure thing - I’ve just reset your SIE progress.

Please reset my progress, so I can start over. I did not pass and I want a fresh start.

Scott Sulak

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Hi @Raymond_Pollich, I’m happy to help - I’ve just reset your account.

Please reach out anytime if there’s anything we can do to support you as you study.

thanks, but I cannot see that it was reset. I still see all of my progress. Can you reset again? Thanks!

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Hi @Raymond_Pollich, I’m sorry about that. There must have been a glitch. I just triggered the reset again and checked your account to ensure it worked!

Hi Justin, can you reset my SIE progress as well please.

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Hi @Ida_O_Connell, sure thing - I’ve reset your SIE.