Remove Flagged Questions From Focus


I got rid of all of my flagged questions, thinking that would allow me, for the SIE practice exams, to just have Focus show only my missed questions when reviewing. It seems that is not the case. Even if I have 0 flagged questions, if I flagged anything in my practice exams, the Focus will still combine those flagged questions with the missed questions.

Are you able to, somehow, remove all these flagged questions in my practice exams on the backend so that I can just review my missed questions only from each exam?


I’m happy to help - I’ve just removed all the flags from your practice exam questions.

When you unflag an item from the Practice exams page, you’re correct that it doesn’t unflag it in any exams it shows up in. This was intentional so that you could still focus on those questions in the exam later if desired, but I can see how this behavior could be confusing.

We’ll discuss this with the team!