Recommended Study Plan


I just took my first practice final for Series 7. I have my exam on February 14.

Based on these results, what would be the best study plan for the remaining time I have left

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Hi, I’ve reviewed your account, and you’re doing well!

Most importantly, ensure you spend an hour or two after each practice exam reviewing every question you’ve missed or guessed on, checking the online textbook as needed. This focused review will have the most impact on increasing your scores on your next take.

Looking at your score breakdown, I would recommend taking some additional quizzes on preferred stock and municipal debt, since those are your weakest areas.

Besides that, just take a practice exam every few days, and review your mistakes on the off days. You’re very close - just make sure you finish strong!

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Hi Justin,

Thank you for the feedback! Another question for you, when it comes to taking the test at a prometric testing center.

Am I correct that I will be provided dry erase markers and paper, as well as the digital software will have its own notepad?

I’m creating a dump sheet to write out notes and formulas for when I sit down on the test. Just want to know if I will have both the scratch paper and digital notepad together. Or just one


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Hi @Jeanne_Cruickshank, yes, it is standard for the test center to provide you with dry-erase markers and a laminated piece of paper. The test software also includes a very basic scratchpad.

Although they do their best to standardize the experience, we’ve heard reports of minor differences between testing centers. You might want to call yours and ask directly!

Hi Justin,

I figured I’d just keep this follow-up to the same post to avoid cluttering the message board. Where do you think I stand as far as passing the exam with my current scores and readiness level. Last three finals (oldest to newest) have scored 85%, 91%, 86%. Exam readiness is at 95%

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Hi @Jeanne_Cruickshank, I reviewed your account and it looks like you’re doing well! My main piece of feedback is to carefully review your practice exams after you’ve taken them, carefully going over everything missed or guessed. It’s this focused review that will help you understand your weaknesses so you can score higher on the next ones!