Quiz Dashboard How does it work?

Hoping for an explanation on how the quiz dashboard works. I understand the drilling and random prompts. What I don’t understand is how does the system score how many quizzes are ready? I’m feeling like the number just keeps going up and I don’t quite understand how to knock it down. Does the number ready represent individual questions or actual quizzes I need to complete? Thanks so much

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Hi @Peggy_Frami,

Achievable uses spaced review to help you remember the information on test day. When you take the end-of-topic quizzes, that content is linked to your account and scheduled for review in the future based on your personal study history and performance. The numbers are individual quiz questions that you’ll benefit from reviewing. The questions will automatically continue to come up for review since we naturally forget as time passes - by the end of your studying for your SIE, you’ll have around 2,000 or so.

The most important thing is to set a study plan and stay on track with the reading material and practice exams. If you have additional time to study after you’ve done the study plan work, that’s a great opportunity to knock out some review quizzes!

We’ve written more about this in the How it works section:


Thanks so very much!!!

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