Quick question about the questions within the review

Hey! Was just wondering: does the number of questions in my review (within the dashboard) go down as I “master” them and consistently get them right? Or does the amount of questions within the review only increase as I keep progressing through the textbook?


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Good question - it’s a bit of both!

As you progress through the textbook, the questions from the end-of-page quizzes will be added permanently to your account and tracked for review. When you take these quizzes, the “ready” number will decrease, but they’ll also be rescheduled for review again in the future. The review schedule is personalized to you and will adapt to your strengths and weaknesses. Basically, questions you need more practice with will come up more often, and you’ll see questions you frequently get correct less often.

Studying for the GRE, your goal should be to keep that “ready” number as low as possible. Although the numbers within the questions are randomized it will eventually start to feel a bit repetitive, but drilling the techniques is a proven strategy to increase your score. It’s the process of solving the question that matters. Even if you can jump straight to the correct answer, solve the question thoroughly so that you’ll be able to follow that same process on exam day with a differently worded question.

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