Question Y2QF7 - incorrect answer

Hi Team,

For question Y2QF7 on public communications I believe there’s either a typo in the question or the incorrect potion is being selected as the answer. In the Question 25 people are sent the email but the explanation says 27. Because of the question I believed the best answer was “This email is considered correspondence” but it was marked incorrect and the selected answer is “The email would not be considered a blanket recommendation”

Could you clarify?


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Hi @Vivid_coffee_flyingf!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You’re right - this question needs to be tweaked a bit. When fixed, it will show the email being sent to at least 26 clients, making it a retail communication (not correspondence). Communications with clients must be kept on file for at least 3 years. And last… there’s no indication it’s a blanket recommendation.

Again, thanks letting us know! We’ll have it fixed momentarily.