Question about probability problem


I was wondering if I could get clarification on the answer to one of the Quant. Practice Sections? The provided explanation shows the final calculation as 228/995 = 0.22915 = 22.92%, where the question asks for percent rounded to the nearest hundredth. However, even using the GRE calculator, 228/995 is shown to be 0.2291457286. So, shouldn’t the final answer be 22.91%? I’m confused as to why the explanation is rounding twice instead of just at the end.

Thank you!

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Hi @M_Nels, thanks for the detailed question - your logic is completely correct. You should always do your calculations at the highest precision possible and round once at the end. I’ve investigated this and it’s a rare error in our rounding logic due to the way this question is randomized - I’ve just corrected the issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and sorry for any confusion!