Problem with 3D geometry cylinder problem

The image for the 3D geometry problem in both the textbook and the review questions is clearly supposed to have one cylinder with a larger x value than the other, but they both say x. The textbook says that it should be 4x on the skinny cylinder.

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Hi Emily, thanks for letting me know about this.

I’ve updated the image in the textbook so the left cylinder has a height of 4x.

I’ve also taken a look at the associated review quizzes. There are multiple versions of this question and while they aren’t drawn to scale, I believe that the figures and their explanations do currently match up. If you see a question where they don’t, could you please send the question ID code in the top right so I can correct it?

Thanks again! We have another 150 or so GRE questions templates that we’re adding in over the next few months to give you more variation in the language; they’ll automatically be added to your account.


This question has the same problem as the one in the textbook. Both x values are the same.

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Thanks Emily. I’ve double-checked this question, and while it does use the same image template, the image variables, choices, and explanation all do match up.

I know this particular example is extreme, but the GRE questions intentionally draw figures out of scale to trip you up, so it’s good to get accustomed to it.