Print textbook version

Hii thank you for the material, it’s so much easier to understand! I have the online material and also bought the print version for the SIE on amazon. I can’t find a print textbook for the Series 7, would that be something you guys can provide at an additional cost? The print is soo helpful to highlight and write notes!

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Hi @Thoughtless_lavender, welcome, and thanks for posting!

Yes, we offer the physical SIE book as an add-on for people who like having an actual book. We don’t make money from it as we sell it at the exact cost of printing and shipping. I’m glad that you found it helpful!

Unfortunately, we don’t have that for the Series 7 yet. We looked into making it, but the S7 content is almost twice as long as the SIE, and that causes some challenges in getting it printed. It’s been a while since then, so I’ll check again if there’s anything we can do as we do get requests for it from time to time.

FYI though - even if we do figure out a way to make it work, the process of making the first printing is slow and tends to take about a month. Just want to be upfront about the timeline!

Ok thank you! My exam is in 6 weeks so I’ll look out for it incase you guys figure out a way. I will be using STC and Achievable. Maybe if the fonts are smaller it won’t be as long as it looks

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