Previous button in the quiz


I would like to suggest a “previous” button during the quiz. Not to change the answer but to read the explanation.

Sometimes, I forget to read the explanation of a wrong answer selected. I’d like to go back and read the explanation.

I think this feature might be useful? Of course, I am not asking to change the answer but the ability to review the explanation of a previous question.

If not, then perhaps at the end of the quiz where we get the score, there could be a selection of buttons to read the explanation for each question’s wrong answer.



Thanks for the suggestion!

The original concept of the review quizzes is to just focus on one question and then move on to the next, clearing your mind, but I can see the benefit of having it be more like a variable-length practice exam where you can go back and review the previous questions at the end as well.

A redesign of the quiz interface is on our medium-term roadmap, and I’ve noted your feedback so we can take it into consideration during that process.