Practice test and being prepared for actual test

I am not trying to overthink the SIE too much. I have read the book and so far have taken 4 practice tests. I have gotten an 83, 78, 79 and 89. Should I just schedule the test for next week or try to study more. My fear is maybe I am just trained on achievable and question types on actual exam might throw me for a loop. Any advice, or similar experience would be most appreciated. Cheers

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Hey @Round_purple_hyena, thanks for reaching out.

It seems like you’re in pretty good shape averaging mid-80s. Only you can decide when you’re ready, but scheduling for next week sounds like an appropriate move as long as you keep preparing and taking more practice exams in the meantime. Be sure to take your time reviewing any questions that were missed or guessed. Remember that each wrong question really means you have two things to review: the correct answer as well as the incorrect answer you picked.

If you have access to other materials, you should certainly take their exams too. Achievable is a complete course but the more varied exposure you have the better. The official FINRA SIE practice exam is certainly one you should take. You’ll probably score a little bit lower on the other exams than you are on Achievable, and that’s completely normal and expected!

I absolutely agree with @Justin here - the FINRA SIE practice exam is a great resource (straight from the source). If you score similarly on their exam, you should be ready to test. Good luck!

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