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I just signed up a couple of days ago for the GRE prep. I noticed that there are only textbooks given. I’m just wondering, how do I access the practice questions for the quant/verbals?


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Hi @Exotic_black_cicada, welcome!

There are two ways to take the GRE quizzes:

  1. After you read a textbook page, click the “Complete” button at the very bottom. This will add the quizzes for that topic to your account. When you go back to your dashboard, you can take these quizzes by clicking on the “Review” button under Memory Progress.
  2. Clicking on “Practice exams” in the navigation menu will let you take realistic, full-length sections. You can take as many quantitative sections as you want, since these questions are randomized from the master question templates. You can also take 10 verbal sections and submit 10 essays for instant grading.

I hope this clears it up!

Thank you! I was looking for that (no.1).

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