Practice Exams Failed - What to Do?

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I have been studying and taking practice exams. I have had many failing scores with just a few passing. Should I be sticking with the chapter study and retaking practice exams to a passing score before moving onto the next chapter?

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Hi @StacyAgobian, welcome! I looked at your account and you’re doing OK. Making mistakes is part of the learning process - what’s most important is that you carefully review your mistakes and anything guessed. After you take the chapter exam, reread the relevant sections of the text to correct any misunderstandings, and then retake the quiz! If you don’t get close to a perfect score on the next take, that’s a good sign you need to slow down and review more carefully.

Don’t get hung up on any specific chapter for too long though. Review it, and then move on. It’s important to do your best to stay close to your study schedule!

Hi Justin, Is there a way to review my previous chapter exams missed questions from a week ago? I re-took some text book quizzes where I bombed (features, yield and cash dividends) and only improved features up to 80% but I am still failing yield and cash dividend sections. Should I keep working on these quizzes until I get a passing score or carry on? I’ll try to incorporate my study schedule along with reviewing the problem areas if you think that will help.

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You can always review full/final practice exams and the chapter summary quizzes; they show up toward the bottom of the Practice Exams page after you’ve taken them.

By contrast, the topic review quizzes at the end of each page are meant to be an in-the-moment learning tool, reviewed immediately to correct misunderstandings and not accidentally reverse incorrect information. There is no way to review the review quizzes once you’ve left them, but you can always take another review quiz on the same topic, and you’ll see similar questions.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process; you don’t need to get 100% in each chapter. Scoring 80s at this point is ok and you can move on - you’ll have time at the end taking full exams to fill in any gaps. If you’re closer to the 60s or below, that might be a sign that it’s good to slow down and review before moving on. During this initial learning phase, the main goal is to make it through all the material and build a solid foundation. Do your best to stick to the study schedule - if you get too far off it’s hard to get back on track!

Thanks, Justin. I just finished chapter 5 and took the exam but my study plan shows I still need to review the textbook for chapter 5. Why is this? It’s confusing.

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I checked your account and it looks like everything is up-to-date! Did you maybe have multiple browser windows open, or a temporary loss of internet? If you reload the page, everything should be as you expect.