Practice exam for Series 7?

When taking the Series 7 practice exam, shouldn’t there be 135 questions instead of 125? I know that there is supposed to be 125 questions that are graded and 10 questions not graded. I just thought it would make more sense to have 135 questions instead of only 125. This is just a suggestion.

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Hi @Cheap_green_beaver, thanks for reaching out!

You’re correct that the real exam will have an additional 10 unscored, experimental questions. We don’t include these in our exams since we feel it’s better to have you focus your time and energy on the concepts that count toward your passing score.

If you’re concerned about practicing answering the questions faster to account for the 10 additional questions, you can simply target ending your exam 15 minutes earlier, wrapping up within 3h 30min rather than the full 3h 45m.

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