Practice Exam Answers

Hi, I just finished my first practice exam. Are we able to print the questions and explanations after reviewing each question? I’d like to refer to them later should I need to do more reviews specially with options.

Thank you!


Hi @Passive_jade_finch, welcome!

We designed Achievable as an online course and we have limited support for printing. Right now you can print out a single question, but we don’t have a way to print out an entire practice exam. You can certainly revisit your exam anytime if you’d like to review it.

And if you’d like to do more reviews on a specific topic, there are two ways:

  • By Taking your “Review” quizzes from the dashboard, and then clicking the icon of control sliders in the top right of the start screen to filter the session to the chapters of your choice
  • Taking one of the topical mini practice exam sections that we have at the bottom of the Series 7 practice exams page

Hope this helps!

Thanks Justin for the quick response! I will try your suggestions.

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