Possible typo Innate immune system

“LPS stimulates a pattern recognition receptor TLR 14”

Shouldn’t this possibly be:
LPS stimulates a pattern recognition receptor TLR 4?

Or am I wrong and we are talking about something different?

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You are correct. LPS interacts with TLR 4, not TLR 14. Let me know if you have any more questions about it.

All the best!

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Thanks for the quick response

  1. This should be fixed in the textbook

  2. This should also be fixed in the q bank

  3. Maybe invest in a colleague to proofread the text?, I understand that we are all human and all make mistakes, but this is day one of me paying for this service and I’m already finding mistakes?! Just makes me worry about what other (possibly bigger) mistakes there are in this resource :confused:


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Thanks for letting us know! I have already fixed this in the text and the questions :slight_smile:

We definitely do proofread and QA our courses, but given the huge amount of content (literally thousands of pages and quizzes) and that we’re constantly updating/adding to it to improve the course, typos do slip through sometimes. We will always do our best to correct them ASAP!