Percent Change and Percent of: Miskeyed?

Hi, after running through this problem a handful of times and reviewing the manual, I think it must be miskeyed.
Here’s a screenshot of the explanation from the question with the issues highlighted.

In a nutshell, I think the formula is reversed (percent increase should be 40%(MeTV) and 37.5%(On-demand)) and then the smaller value (MeTV) is indicated as the larger value.
The answer should be 250/400 for 62.5%.

Am I going crazy?

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Hey @James1, thanks for pointing this out.

It looks like there is an issue with this question, but it’s a little different from how you described it… though you still got to the right answer :slight_smile:

The percent change should be: (value - previous) / previous

MeTV had a May to June increase of (550-400)/400 = 37.5%
OnDemand had a May to June increase of (350-250)/250 = 40%

You can check the numbers by going in the reverse direction. With OnDemand’s May value of 250, an increase of 40% would be 250*(1.4)=350.

So for this question, the correct answer should be OnDemand with a max of 400 and a min of 250, and 250/400 = 62.5%.

I’ll update this right away! Updated!

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