Pay to play contribution limits

Looking for clarification on the contribution limits. I tend to do things a little backwards and took the S66 before the SIE. From the 66 I recall the contribution limits being different from what I have read on achievable. Chapter 15 has the limit at $250 per election but I recalled it being $350 if eligible to vote in the election and $150 if not eligible. Or is the $250 limit specifically for MFP’s ?
Can somone from achievable please clarify.

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Hi @Hilarious_scarlet_co - yes, there is a bit of confusing material here.

These are two different rules relating to the same topic. The $350/$150 rule you learned on the Series 66 is an SEC rule that particularly applies to investment advisers. The $250 rule is an MSRB rule that only applies to MFPs. Try to forget the $350/$150 rule for the SIE!