Passed the SIE today

I just wanted share my thoughts/experience with Achievable. I used pass perfect and achievable to prepare for the SIE. I have no formal financial background other then watching some CNBC off and on haha.

Pass Perfect is a lot more in depth and really goes into to detail.

Achievable is more along the lines of what the test was like. I used achievable mostly for the unlimited practice exams. These practice exams are what helped me pass the exam. I was able to take 10-15 practice exams while never really seeing the same questions over and over.

I now need to find a sponsorship/employment to take the series 7 but I think Achievable is the best way to go!


Thanks for posting your review; I’m really glad to hear that Achievable was the key to you passing!

Drop us a note at when you’re ready to study for the Series 7 and I’ll send a repeat customer discount code :slight_smile:

Congratulations, @Yellow_aqua_toucan! We’re so happy for your success!

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