Passed the SIE this morning!

Thank you for all your help and responsiveness to my questions!
I thought I had passed, but wasn’t completely certain at the end.

There were a few questions and terms that I had not encountered here and had no idea the correct answer, so I figured those were probably the extra 10 test questions that don’t count for future exams. Nearly every question could be narrowed down to 2 answers.

Overall I felt it was a fair exam. But I still really want to know the answers to the ones I missed-It really bothers me :smile:

At the end I had flagged 20 questions (out of the 85 total) due to not being sure about my answer, I reviewed them and changed 5-6 answers.

The only other material I studied was watching Dean Tinney’s 2 videos on Youtube on the SIE from last year (2021)-both are about 1.25+ hours. I did this last night-It was nice to watch and relax.

I did only 2 practice exams here on Achievable, scoring a 72 and then a 76.

I’m 50, still confused with Puts/Calls and the Stop/Limits and I am trying to change careers…

Now I need to find a job!

I hope this helps others.



Hey Edward, congrats on passing!

It is really frustrating that they don’t give you much feedback after you’ve taken the exam. I have no idea why that is, but I wonder if it’s some sort of protective move on their part so people can’t contest their results.

Do you happen to remember anything about the questions you mentioned you didn’t know? It sounds likely that they were the experimental questions, though we’d like to double-check if possible to ensure we cover everything in our course.

In any case, thank you for sharing your feedback :slight_smile:

Congrats, Edward! I’m 41 and looking to change careers as well. I’d love to hear your progress in that area as well. Feel free to PM me. Aloha, Gray

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