Passed the SIE - First Attempt

I was super excited to have passed the SIE on the first attempt. The exam was very thorough and in-depth. However, the material from Achievable was boiled down into simpler terms for me to grasp. In conjunction, I used Kaplan’s Question Bank to compare how I was doing. I think seeing different types of questions helped me overall.
I have attempted the Series 65 before and failed it. Hate that Achievable doesn’t have anything available for that? Anybody have suggestions on a trusted study material?


Hi @Andrew2!

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

We are currently working on a Series 65 product, but it won’t be available until at least mid-2021 (possibly longer). I personally recommend two vendors for this exam: Kaplan or STC.

I’ve had hundreds of tutoring students of mine use these vendors and pass the 65. If you feel like Kaplan’s question bank was helpful for the SIE, it might be a good idea to stick with them. If not, I recommend going with STC.

I hope this helps! Again, congratulations on your success!

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