Passed The SIE Exam 3rd Attempt

Thanks to Achievable I have finally passed my SIE Exam on the 3rd attempt. I went in there with full confidence. Even though I was not sure on some questions in worked in my favor. I am thankful.


Congratulations on passing your SIE! :smile:

I am about to take the SIE for the 3rd time. I missed twice by only a couple of questions. What did you do differently this time that made the difference? I feel like I’m taking so many quizzes and did fairly well on the short test 85%, but 75% on the full length practice test. Not feeling that confident about this yet.

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Hi @Amber_Hayes, I looked at your account and it seems like you’re on the right track! Make sure to continue taking practice exams - they’re the best way to identify weaker areas. It looks like you’re spending a good amount of time reviewing your mistakes - keep that up! It’s the best way to continue to improve your score. Feel free to revisit sections of the textbook for any trickier topics that aren’t sticking!

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