Passed the series 63

Thank you! I was able to pass the series 63 today! Acheivable was very helpful is my success with the SiE and series 63. I am so relieved my test journey is over and I am a Registered Rep/Agent. Depending on which exam you’re taking, Nasaa vs Finra. :).

Thank you achievable! My firm made me use another vendor. Like I’ve commented before. Any topic I needed to quickly find a learn about your search function was extremely helpful and aided me greatly in understanding topics that the vendor I used at work didn’t make easy to understand. I could quickly search and find exactly what needed.

My testing journey is over but I will be reccomending Achievable to anyone and everyone.

You truly make learning easier.

Thank you Justin and others at Achievable for answering my questions!

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Congratulations on passing your SIE and S63 - I’m so happy for you!

We appreciate your note; we strive to do our best to support everyone who uses our materials.

Please reach out if there’s anything we can help with in the future~

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