Passed the S66 - First try!

Thanks, Achievable crew! Thanks to you all, I’ve passed the S66 (today), S7 (last Feb) and SIE (last Nov), all on the first attempts!

Your process is superb and really drives home both the concepts as well as critical thinking!

I still have to learn and take the S50, which you all don’t offer a study guide for (sad!), but I appreciate everything you have done to help me to get to this point.

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Congrats on passing all your exams, and thanks for the kind note! :smile:

We’re always working on building more courses, but unfortunately, the S50 isn’t on our short-term roadmap - you’ll need to find other materials.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help!

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Congrats! I’m hoping to sit for the S66 at the end of May. What was your exam readiness score and your averaging score on your Practice tests like prior to taking the exam? Did you find the wording of the questions to be much different than the S7?

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Hi there, my readiness score was at 100% for a week prior to the actual exam. I averaged between an 89 and 90 for my practice exams (I took 9 full ones), over the two+ weeks prior to the test date. How are you progressing?

The wording to me was very similar to the 7, even though NASAA writes the 66 questions and FINRA writes the 7 questions. Just like the 7, many of the questions were straightforward, while several were sort of vague (as well as many of the answers, too). Be sure to read the entire question (looking for key words) as well as reading all words in each answer. I recall that, in some questions, if you go too fast, you might miss a key word that would make a specific answer correct or incorrect.

I also used a technique that I had read about and that is to read the last part or sentence of the question (on the longer-worded questions), first, to see what it is actually asking before reading the entie question from the beginning. That helps you to maybe eliminate unnecessary elements that the question-writers add to throw you off.

There were only 2 direct math questions, one on TIPS (calculate the new return if CPI increases) and one on calculating capital gains on a stock increase. Fairly easy for both. There were other pseudo-math questions, meaning you needed to understand the elements of some calculations (ie, After-Tax Return), but those didn’t require an actual calculation.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. Happy to help further.


I appreciate the response, thank you! The tip on skipping to the end to read the last sentence is a great tip, I will keep this in mind. I am slotted to take Midterm Ch 2 & 3 today and currently at 41% readiness. I’m averaging 85.4% overall on review questions but I am getting to the point in the material that more review questions are being released than I can keep up with. Scored a 96% in Ch 1 test and an 80% on Ch 2. I am still on track to take the exam around the 28th of May. :crossed_fingers: I am feeling pretty good about my progress so far but looking it looks like I am just now going to be getting into more new material and less of the repeat material from the SIE and Series 7. So the next couple of weeks will really set the tone on how prepared I actually am for this exam!