Passed the 7 on Friday. Thanks Achievable team!

On to the 66 - is there an ETA for a 66 course?

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Hey @Cin1, congrats on your Series 7!

We don’t have a firm ETA for a 66 course yet but here’s our rough launch timeline:

  • September - first draft of complete reading material; early access sale (50% off)
  • November - full course including review quizzes and practice exams

Does that work with your timeline? Let me know if you’d like me to add your email to our notification list. (No need to post it here, I can see it on your account.)

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I would be interested, this would be perfect timing for me as I’m taking the 7 in Oct. Also, congrats @cin1 on passing!

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Great, I’ve added you!

Yes please! Wow, that’s even earlier than I thought - yay! Also thank you @Total_sapphire_lark and best of luck to you on the 7!

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Sign me up I’m about to get started on the 66 as well.


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