Passed SIE today!

I just want to say THANK YOU to the Achievable team for helping me pass my SIE today. I used to work in the retail banking industry but that doesn’t mean that I’m knowledgeable around investments. I left banking for about 3 yrs to pursue a family business. Covid 19 happens and unfortunately our business has to be sold. So I decided to get into the finance industry again…but being away from banking for 3 years is pretty rough to go study. Investments is a whole different finance language to me, but you guys break it down so well to learn…unlike other companies that makes the wording so difficult to understand.
I researched on alot of companies (Kaplan, STC, Knopman…) , read reviews and blogs, and decided to go with you guys cuz of price and also the way your online textbook and program works with memory progress.
I’m soooo happy I did because aside from your easy to comprehend materials along with the videos, you guys always give prompt responses to any questions I have. I did a practice exam with Kaplan and had a question and never even got 1 response. And they make their exams so difficult.
I couldn’t have done it without the Achievable team and I highly recommend you guys to everyone and their mothers lol.
Next test will be series 7!


Oh…forgot to mention…it was my 1st attempt too. :slight_smile: :wink:

Best investment ever!


Congrats, I’m really happy to hear that!

You’ve put in a lot of hard work and deserved it, and it’s great that we could help you get there :slight_smile:

Send me a note before you sign up for the 7 and I’ll shoot over a repeat customer promo code!

Congratulations, @LASHY1980! I’m so happy for you! As we discussed earlier, I was confident you would pass the exam given your hard work on our platform. You did it!! It’s the first step of several towards a fulfilling career. Again, congrats!! :tada::balloon::confetti_ball::partying_face:


ok will do!
You guys are truly the best and I can feel your passion in helping students succeed with every response you give back towards any questions we have.

Stay safe!

Thank you for being here for us!


Congrats!!! That is awesome! It’s super encouraging to hear success stories, as I prepare with Achievable to take the exams! All the best on the series 7!

Thank you and good luck to you too!

Hello Lashy,
First of all congratulations on your achievement.
Actually I am from engineering background. I did my graduation in engineering. But I think I made for finance.
I know it’s very late to start but because of my interest I want to start my career in finance anyway.
I am international student and it’s been 2 yrs that I am in canada.
My goal is to become stcok broker. I also looking forward to open my own brokerage firm. I know it’s very hard to achieve all these.
I need your guidance. I want to prepare by myself because I don’t have enough fund to go for classes. If possible can we talk on email or here or anywhere you are comfortable.
My email:

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Hello Dhola…I believe it’s never too late to pursue a career or passion. As for guidance, I, myself is just now learning more about investments…so I’m not really at an expertise level to give you proper guidance.

The SIE was a great gateway for those looking to get into the world of finance. There are a lot of resources and study programs out there, but to be honest, I really love Achievable. Also, its very affordable if you haven’t decided to take the SIE Class…which is under $100.

Hope that helps.

Good luck on your study and career.


Well done to you and the best of luck in the future!!

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Hi Justin…it’s now time for me to start taking the series 7. My company is making a job offer for me contingent on studying and getting the Series 7 and 66. They use Kaplan but I would prefer to use you guys being that you guys were awesome in helping me pass the SIE.

Can you give me the price w/the repeat customer promo?


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Sure thing, I’ll DM you details in just a moment~

I just finished the SIE and passed. Achievable’s test prep was excellent! Now I need to find something as good for the Series 79…


Congrats on your SIE - I’m glad that Achievable helped you through!

We plan to make an Achievable Series 79 course, but it isn’t on our short-term roadmap right now.

STC is a solid vendor, and we tend to recommend them for exams we don’t have.

Best of luck!

Congratulations, @BenBell! Good luck with the 79, and I agree with @Justin . STC has a good program for the 79. Your knowledge from Achievable, in particular the common stock and primary market sections, will overlap with some of the topics you’ll learn for the 79.

Best of luck to you with the 79 and your future endeavors!

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I passed my SIE a few weeks ago (with the help of Achievable)! I’ve used Exam FX and Kaplan in the past. Achievable is by far the best.


I gave the SIE last Friday and passed it in first attempt. A suggestion would be start your exam at least an hour before the exam. I faced technical issues and took almost 2 hours to start the exam. Not sure, might be because of my laptop but something to keep in mind. As to Achievable’s prep, it’s right on point to pass the exam. Just give as many mocks as you can. I attempted something around 40. Could have passed in 10 but just to be sure :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insight, and congratulations @Sufficient_white_mou! We’ve heard of technical issues popping up here and there, and I agree with your advice. Always better to be safe than sorry!

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Just passed mine in the first try last Thursday, now studying for the series 63 also using achievable!

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Congratulations, @Genetic_tan_peacock! So happy for your success! Good luck with the Series 63!

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