Passed SIE today - first attempt

Just passed the SIE today on first attempt. Thank you Achievable! Only had to use my calculator twice so there were only a few math related questions (related to NAV/POP and working out the sales charge was one). There were some trickier questions on private placements and limited partnerships which were topics I feel didn’t come up much in the Achievable content. There were 10 unscored questions so these may have been related to them.
I did a lot of practice exams and questions on Achievable and got very used to the format and appearance of the screen so even seeing questions coming up in a different font size/background took a bit of getting used to. Maybe try some other mock exams on line so that this doesn’t throw you off. FINRA has a sample exam on their website. Good luck everyone! Onto Series 7 next.


Congratulations, @Tracy_Marks! We’re so happy for you!


Congratulations. I have my next week, I am a little nervous. :worried:


Keep doing the practice tests and you’ll be fine. Good luck!


Congrats! I also passed on my first attempt today. I felt the material and how it’s presented helped me understand the concepts better. I would say, though, the wording on the exam is a bit different vs Achievable material so i would also recommend exposing yourself to other formats of the exam from other sites, including FINRA’s website. Thanks Achievable! Will be recommending.

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