Passed SIE! Thank you Achievable. (Question)

So now that I’m moving on to the series 6, I was thinking of going with Achievable again, but in previewing the few free pages, it looked exactly identical to what I read in the SIE? Am I wrong on that? I’d love to use it again, but definitely don’t want to re-read the same things I just spent the last month reading, thanks again!!

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Congrats on passing your SIE! There is a lot of overlap between all the FINRA exams, since they cover the same general topics. We’ve put together a comparison here - FINRA exam coverage (2023) | Concepts covered on various FINRA exams | Achievable

Although they cover the same overall topics, they each focus in different areas. If you’re coming right from the SIE you’ll be able to skim through some of the chapters faster, but it’s still worth reviewing all the material to make sure you aren’t missing something important!