Passed SIE Test (first attempt)

I would like to thank SIE team and people who help to perform this material to prepare students for SIE test. I passed the test just with the information received in this course on the first attempt and had only couple questions about info not included in the material. (Probably not graded questions.)

I received a paper sheet from Prometric where says “Result: Pass”. It was satisfying to get that result. I also have some questions. Currently, Im still not being part of any Financial firm, Am I supposed to received anything from FINRA? (Like an email, a number, or something) or just with that paper I certify I have the SIE exam approved. Is it any other way to certify online the exam was passed?


Hi @LuisO! Congratulations!!

Did you take the exam online? Or was it at a test center?

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I should’ve added this to my previous post - you’re currently in FINRA’s system (they track you by your CRD number) as having passed the SIE exam. Any future firm you apply or work for will look you up in FINRA’s CRD system to confirm you passed the exam, regardless of any confirmation paperwork you may have in your possession.


Hi Brandon,

Thank you!
Yes, I took the exam in a test center in Miami.

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Did you receive a printout with your results @LuisO?