Passed SIE on 2nd try!

This goes without saying but many MANY thanks to the Achievable squad in allowing me to pass the SIE on my 2nd try. Onward to Series 7 and, hopefully, Series 24. As an existing customer, can I get the same discount on studying material for Series 7? Let me know and thank you thank you!!!

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Congrats on passing your SIE!

We’d love to help you with the Series 7, and a course for the S24 is on our roadmap.

I’ll send you a direct message!

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Hey Joanne, what was most helpful for passing? What did you focus on the most as far as testing? Thank you!


A multitude of things. I can’t stress but Acheviable pointed this out in their material but you need to think beyond the question. I slowed down my thinking and read the question in full. In fact, my retry was harder in that it presented a different set of questions and I thought I was going to do another retake.

I can give a better response next time but DM me and I’ll provide more details.

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Feel free to PM me if you are the first time taker and I can share a bit.

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