Passed SIE First Attempt

Took and passed my test on the first attempt this week. I just wanted to share a few resources that helped me.

First off Achievable was great. I found it much easier to follow along with and understand than the site my employer signed me up for originally.

Second, I spent the weekend watching Ken Finnen on YouTube. I found his delivery style to be very relatable and easy to watch for the few hours that it requires. It gave great lecture style support to the Achievable content

Thanks to the team here for the support, truly a supportive community all around and the admins of this group are nothing less than excellent when it comes to customer service.

Here is a link to Ken’s YouTube incase anyone is interested in using it as a reference: SIE Exam Prep: Part 1: Definitions and Overview - YouTube


Hi @Domestic_copper_spid, congrats on passing your SIE, and thanks for sharing your tips!

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Just passed yesterday as well. Thanks for the great material. S99Toper is my next exam I need to study for. Wish you had material for that.