Passed sie exam today

OMG passed the SIE using your product. I used another vendor before and failed. This product is so much easier to digest, I really liked it.

Now its time for the 6 and 63 - can someone tell me which one is easier / shorter.

Happy camper here.


Hi Jose, congrats on your SIE success!

I think that the Series 63 will be the one that is both easier and shorter. We’ve written a blog article summarizing the key points for all the FINRA/NASAA exams here:

Additionally, we’re working on an Achievable Series 63 course and just put it up for early-access sale. We’re selling it for half price ($30, normally $60) as we build it out so people can get a head start on studying. We’re releasing new content for it every week and expect to have it fully complete around the beginning of April. Here’s the link to purchase if you’re interested: Achievable Series 63 course

Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you, @Jose! Like @Justin said, the Series 63 requires less energy and time to prepare. However, the Series 6 builds on many of the topics you learned for the SIE exam. It focuses primarily on investment companies, general suitability (making good recommendations), and securities laws/regulations.

If you’re looking for the easier one to accomplish, go with the 63. If you want to remain in “familiar territory,” go with the 6.

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Thanks Brandon!! Do you guys have the 6 available?


The 6 is on our roadmap but we haven’t started working on it yet.

You’ll need to look into other vendors; e.g. here’s a link to STC’s Series 6 course.