Passed SIE Exam Today :)

Passed my SIE first try - huge thanks to the development team along with all those who developed the site itself. I utilized STC first - from there built more knowledge with Achievable. Tempted to begin with my Achievable for my Series 7.
Biggest tip - remain calm, take practice exams, and make sure you reread every question and go with your gut feeling. Utilize the process of elimination by looking at each answer and correlating it with an answer you know isn’t it.


Hi @Eugene_Abbott, congrats on passing your SIE, and thanks for sharing your experience!

We’re looking forward to helping you pass your S7 as well~ :grinning:

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@Eugene_Abbott I used only Achievable for my series 7 and passed on my first attempt. You can study with confidence with Achievable.

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