Passed SIE and Series 7 First Try with Achievable!

Achievable has really got this figured out! I passed both SIE and 7 on my first attempt using only Achievable and am certain that I took far less time than I would have using other programs. Admittedly, both tests were challenging and my confidence in my knowledge of the material was waning a bit while in the exam, but when going back through to review my answers before submitting, I really felt good about my chances to pass and the result is the result! (if only I could know my scores :thinking: ). So a little tip for my fellow test takers - don’t get discouraged in the exam if you’re feeling unsure. Keep fighting through it using your knowledge, instincts, and test taking skills (i.e. reading the whole question, figuring out what the question is asking, eliminating choices, etc…). You might be surprised at the end just how well you handled it!

It seems Achievable has really dialed in their program to present the most relevant testable material in an efficient way and give you somewhat reliable indicators (i.e. Exam Readiness Score, Practice Exam scores) for when you are ready to take it. Also, I was just about in line with their expectations for the cumulative study hours for both the SIE and Series 7.

Now on to the Series 63! Almost there!


Thanks for your detailed review! I’m so happy to hear that you felt these courses were on point.

FINRA is constantly making changes to the exam focus as well as their actual questions, and we do our best to stay very close to them, updating our content multiple times per week.

I’m also happy that the tools in our study platform were helpful - please let us know if there’s anything else that would improve your experience!

Any tips? I feel like I’m wasting way too much time writting down notes on each section. I failed my first test by 6 points using a different platform and I can not fail again.

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Hi @Curtis_Wuckert, I’m sorry you weren’t able to pass your exam using the other platform. We have many customers in similar situations, and our materials have a reputation for being easier to understand. The best place to start is by taking a look at our How to get the most from Achievable page!

Is there a PDF with just the key points from each chapter?

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Hi @Curtis_Wuckert, at this time, the PDF includes the entire reading material!

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