Passed SIE 1st Try Today

Passed my SIE exam first try today. I will say I was shocked at how ridiculous the wording was on many of the questions and potential answers. Achievable content helped me learn the actual concepts and it allowed me to grind through many hard questions through deductive reasoning. I will say leave no stone unturned. Not sure if I just got an unlucky question bank but I got a lot of questions on soft material or material in hindsight that I can see would be easily overlooked or understudied from a memorization standpoint. To be clear, the material was covered by achievable but for whatever reason I got a lot of questions on stuff I chose not to focus on personally.

I will be using Achievable for the Series 7 and feel better now that I understand the context the tests are written in.


Congratulaions @Abraham_Hane! Best of luck to you on your series 7 adventure!


Congrats @Abraham_Hane, and thanks for sharing your experience!

     Hi I took my SIE exam on May 25th and I didn't get the necessary score to pass it and I need to know what I need to pass my SIE exam for the next time and what can achievable do to help me prepare for when I take it again. What do I do to study for it?
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My advice @Johnathan_Tromp, for what it’s worth would be to have @Justin reset you SIE prep so you can start from the beginning. I strongly recommend using the Read Aloud function from Microsoft Edge while going through the textbook. I also strongly recommend setting a realistic schedule that you can maintain. Being too aggressive can cause you to rush through everything and not really be learning but rather trying to memorize. Also, make sure you are watching every video that is imbedded in each section. I also recommend that you work through the review questions on a regular basis. I actually do all review questions available before starting the next section in the textbook each day. Also, when working through the quizzes and review questions, take short notes on what you got wrong and use that as part of your review. If it is a math-based question that you got wrong, make sure you work through it to get the correct answer.

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Thank You, but what do you mean reset the SIE prep?

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@Johnathan_Tromp what I think it means is that all your progress is wiped out and you start over like you just signed up for the course but @Justin can answer that better than I could. I have only read in others comments about asking for their progress to be reset when they were having difficulties.

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Hi @Johnathan_Tromp, I’m sorry that your first attempt didn’t go well. Hopefully after you study with our materials, things will make more sense and you’ll be able to pass!

Basically, we recommend the following:

  1. Set a target exam date using the study planner on your Dashboard
  2. Read through the assigned topics and take the quiz at the bottom of the page
  3. With any additional study time after the day’s reading is completed, take review quizzes from the dashboard
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 according to the schedule until all reading material is completed
  5. Take practice exam sections, carefully reviewing everything missed or guessed

Please take a look at our How to get the most from Achievable page and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

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Okay. Thank You So Much!

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