Passed Series 7!

Passed Series 7 first attempt today!
Now on to the 66!
Have to thank you guys for explaining things here in plain English and giving so many relevant links to examples that really stuck with me (more than the ABC and XYZ examples everywhere!!)
Thank you!!


Congrats @Total_sapphire_lark, I’m happy for you!

Hope to see you in our 66 course! If you buy it now, it’ll be 50% off since it’s still in “early access”.

The online textbook is complete and is a great resource on its own. We are still writing quiz questions though - we have about 400 in so far and we’re adding more every week. We expect it’ll be totally wrapped up toward the beginning of December, and we’ll raise the price at that time.

Yup I already bought it :smile:
Will there be full practice exams as well? Targeting Dec 13th to take the test :crossed_fingers:

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Awesome :slight_smile:

Yes, our 66 course will definitely have practice exams. I plan on opening these up next week, although they won’t be complete exams as we’re still creating the questions. It will still help you get experience with the harder and more comprehensive questions, even if we don’t have enough yet to simulate full-length exams.

The release timeline is going to be pretty tight as it comes to your test date - we’ll do our best to get everything out asap.