Passed Series 63

I passed the Series 63 on Sunday (1st try) using only Achievable to study. There were a bunch of questions on the actual exam that were remarkably similar in style and content to Achievable practice exam questions I remembered answering and I felt fully prepared to answer the vast majority of the questions on the exam.

I’ve now passed (all on 1st try) the SIE, S7 & S63 all using Achievable to study - so I obviously recommend it. For now I’m done with licensing but if I ever need the 65/66 I know where to turn.

Thanks @Justin @brandonrith & the rest of the Achievable team for patiently addressing all of my incessant questions and feedback.

Good luck everyone in your studies and future endeavors!

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Nice work @Mass_coffee_louse - congrats on passing all your exams, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

Hopefully you can get a break from studying, but we’ll be here when you’re ready!