Passed my SIE on Friday! First Try :D

I had Kaplan plus Achievable and basically abandoned Kaplan for Achievable.

I have no background in finance. I was a triple major in my undergrad in International Relations, Anthropology, and Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Spanish from Syracuse, also I am coming from a healthcare profession NONE of which even remotely prepared me for passing a finance exam. So Achievable really came through for me here and I’m so so happy and pleased! All of this was new and I felt like Kaplan was sooo confusing and longwinded and dense- I was lucky to find Achievable on Spotify and even happier to have passed my SIE on my first try. I’ve never stepped foot in a finance class or in an investment firm and I’m so grateful to this program.

Thank you for all of the hard work the Achievable team does for us! I was so shocked when I saw the Pass on the screen. I found the quizzing super helpful and the full length exams even better. I started at 40% on the exams, and in a matter of a week or so my score rose to 60s and rose till consistent high 70s and low 80s my last exam before test day was an 89- when I got to the testing center and took my exam I honestly felt like I was not going to pass my own anxiety but Achievable prepared me better than even I knew. I kept quizzing and quizzing till I was doing better on the exams than the quizzes!

Thank you all so much! I will be using the Series 7 and 63 program. Thank you!
My advice to anyone would be to keep going! Keep quizzing! Take the practice exams!!


Thank you for sharing your story and for the lovely review!

I’m very happy to hear that Achievable was a good fit for you, and I’m also glad to hear that you enjoyed our podcast. It’s always great to get feedback that our supplemental resources are valuable too.

Looking forward to supporting you on your Series 7 and 63 :slight_smile:

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Congrats! That’s definitely reassuring.


You have such a great story, @Clear_plum_falcon! I’m so happy for your success! While our material seemed to click with your learning style, it was you that was determined to put in the hard work. These exams aren’t easy for finance grads, much less those of us from completely different backgrounds.

Bottom line - you did it! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations!!! That’s a huge deal, what was the exam like for you?


It was tough! I honestly felt like it was going south there for a bit, there was some stuff I had never seen before and just tried to lean on what I learned, oh and ya know try to stay calm.


Any examples of topics unexpected?

How long did you have to study?

sorry for the delay the only one I can remember is surrender charges, I studied pretty hard for probably 2 months. practice exams practice exams!