Passed! Many colleagues have failed their first attempt using Firm's study material

Would NOT have been able to pass without this program. My firm has their own structure and uses PassPerfect + Kaplan. From what I’ve heard, many registered reps DO NOT pass it their first attempt utilizing only the provided material given from my firm.

If it were not for Achievable, I would not have been able to pass the SIE and Series 7 on my first attempts.

Onto the 66!


Congratulations, @Tim1! I’m so happy our material helped you succeed. Let us know if we can help with anything Series 66-related. Good luck with your studies!

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congratulations Tim. Great job!!! I thought SIE was easy but there is a lot of material to retain.

just a reply relevant to your comment.

I have studied the SIE course from KAPLAN and Securities institute. I felt i was reading a manual and a contractual agreement and had a hard time grasping and retaining the info. I was doing extra google searches to get more info from investopedia, schwab website and others. I tried sample videos from Pass Perfect as well.
KAPLAN was probably the best of them.

i wanted to get more exam practice material so i signed up with the achievable course.

As I was going through the Test questions and reading the explanations I was shocked with the clarity of the material and being able to see how the concepts all fit together.

After 4 months of studying from 2 study guides, I run into material it was not covered!!! I would say 20% of the material in achievable was not in KAPLAN and SI.

Not only that but when i was going through questions from SI i was getting more confused and irritated. When i go through the Achievable I feel inspired, empowered and that i am learning and connecting the dots.

The person who wrote this material has a great gift, he is an excellent communicator, teacher. it takes a very intelligent person to break down information with such clarity. Very impressed.
No doubt this is the best place to get prepared for the exam as well as learn.

The technical support of this company exists nowhere else. Unheard of response time, clear replies. I am waiting for questions to be answered from SI sent 2 months ago.

Thank you guys for doing such an amazing job and to inspire us to learn more.