Passed first time with Achievable

Hi everyone - I normally do not post reviews of products/services I use, but I felt compelled to post one on Achievable. A little bit of background before I talk about the Achievable material and some study tips:

  • Accounting major with intermediate understanding of personal investing
  • Never took a FIRNA test before
  • Had no work experience in the topics covered on this test
  • Studied for almost two weeks and took the exam online

I initially thought I could study and take the exam in a week, and while I am sure people have done that, I realized it was going to be too much material. Two weeks, in my opinion, is the perfect amount of time to study and take this exam.

Achievable does a fantastic job at laying out the material you need to study through their study plan feature. This is easily the best feature of Achievable. If you do it in two weeks, you will be studying for about 5 hours a day with plenty of time at the end to take a few practice tests. Do your best to follow this plan, because if you do you will pass.

On the last two days of studying start taking practice tests. I found that doing 4 practice tests and then 200qs from the review section was all I needed to get find out areas where I was weak. From there you can review those topics on the last day.

Use the dump sheet they offer in the resources tab. This was EXTREMELY helpful because you can knockout questions quickly by referencing the sheet so you can spend more time on questions you find difficult.

Read the material thoroughly, do the practice questions at the end of each “chapter”, and finish every chapter review. If you do those things and add in a few practice tests there is a very good chance you will pass.

Good luck to everyone and thank you very much Achievable.


Hi @Vicki_Larson, congrats on passing your SIE!

Thank you for posting about your experience and these tips - I’m sure future exam takers will appreciate it :smile:

can i ask how much u scored for the practice exams? i did 83% but not sure if actual exam will be way harder

Hi @Teri_Gorczany, our data shows that our practice exam scores are incredibly close to real exam scores, typically within a few percentage points.

I looked at your account and gave some personal feedback in your other message~