Passed 65 with Achievable!

A little about my background: I got a degree in finance but went away from that field right out of college. I’m starting to work my way back in that direction now. I’m in the process of becoming an accredited financial counselor and though a Series 65 license might be even better.

I signed up for Achievable about a month ago thinking I’d take my time with the study material and eventually sign up for the Series 65 test in February or March. Achievable’s study guide was so easy to read through that I finished all the content in about two weeks. I spent a lot of time taking practice tests (I think I took 12) and reviewing as many questions as I could. I was consistently in the high 80s/low 90s for my practice tests and a lot of the questions I missed were more a result of me not reading the question carefully.

I took the test this morning and I passed! The questions aren’t all that similar to Achievable’s question structure. Most of the material is covered with this study guide, but not all of it. The real test didn’t do much to try to trick me (Achievable has a habit of asking questions such as “None of the following are exempt except…” I didn’t feel super confident the first time I went through the test. I had time to go back and review all the questions a second time and felt a lot better.

I was torn between signing up for Achievable and Kaplan. I was ready to sign up for Kaplan, but the tipping point for me was the money back guarantee that Achievable offered. I’m sure Kaplan is fine, but if you’re reading this wondering if you should sign up for Achievable, this is a great program that helped me get through the test quickly and painlessly.

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Hi @Owen_Jast, congrats on passing your S65, and thank you for sharing your thoughts!