Order of FINRA SERIES Exams

I passed my SIE on Monday. I am studying for my 6 and then 63 and 65. For the 63 and 65 which should I take first?

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Hi @Provincial_amethyst. Congrats on passing the SIE!

I personally recommend you take the 63 first, then the 65. The 63 is an easier exam to pass and primarily covers state securities laws. The 65 is much broader, but 30% of the exam covers the same legal topics as the 63. I’d say start with the easy one first, build a good law-based foundation, then jump into the 65 right after.

If you’re more of a “get the tough stuff done first” type of person, maybe go the other way (65 first, then 63). No right or wrong answer, just depends on your preference.

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