Option Strategy Charts

Hello Achievable Team,

First of all, thank you for helping me pass the SIE, your program is really easy to follow and makes it fun to practice.

I am now studying for the Series 7 and I really think adding payoff charts to the advanced options strategy section can really help bring the point across, I remember they were very useful when I was learning about options for the first time.

Just some feedback that I think will improve options section.

Thanks again!


Hi Sammy, welcome to the forums and congrats on your SIE!

Adding payoff charts to the advanced options section is a great idea. We’ve been looking to make more explainer images to go with the text and this is definitely a place where it would fit well.

I’ve added it to our task tracker :white_check_mark:

If you have other suggestions to further improve the course, I’m all ears!

Agree with Sammy! Can you please let us know when it’s been updated with the charts added?

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Thanks @Sammy and @Cin for the recommendation. I’ve moved payoff charts to my list of priorities. I’ll have them done within the next few days and will reply here and make a separate post when they’re available.

@Sammy @Cin

I’m interested in your feedback. This question is from the collars chapter:

An investor buys 100 shares of ABC stock at $40, goes short 1 ABC Jan 45 call at $3, and long 1 ABC Jan 35 put at $3 when the market price is $40. What is the gain or loss if the market rises to $75?

Is this the type of payoff chart you’re asking for? Does this help?

Collar PL chart

FYI - the answer is $500 gain


Hi @Sammy and @Cin

We’ve uploaded options payoff charts to Achievable. For more information, please visit the post I just made regarding this topic. I hope they help!


That was fast! Thank you Brandon, I really hope the charts can help make the concepts easier to understand.