Number of Melanosomes and Skin Pigmentation

Dr. Sujata,

In the quiz linked above, I was wondering if the option stating that the number of melanosomes is also a false statement, in addition to the correction option? It seems to be based on the textbook quote, “Differences in skin color depend on how much melanin is produced, the size of the melanosomes (melanin containing vesicles) and their level of aggregation, forming aggregates in white skinned persons and found in a more dispersed form in dark skinned individuals.”

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Hi there,

Sorry the wording for “melanosome number” was a bit confusing. I will modify it to test the concept of “aggregates versus dispersed melanosomes”. Melanosome number, controlled for age, is similar across gender and race.

Hope that helps!


It does. Thanks for the quick response as always!

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