Not great on SIE

Did not pass my SIE exam for the 2nd time today. first try was 2/28 and i got a 66, took number 2 today and got a 64. using achievable has been helpful since i started using it after my first failed attempt, but juggling it with the learning system we are forced to use at work makes it very difficult. i can only hope that my company’s rules let me try one last time.

i.e. first failed attempt: minimum score of 60% (i got a 66) wait 30 days
second failed attempt: minimum score of 65% ( got a 64) wait 30 days until last attempt where i must pass with a 70%

i am hoping my company realizes how hard i am trying and lets me take it that 3rd time. we have to wait and see…i know i have the motivation but my learning disability, and mental disability really take a toll on me during these times.

any advice for people who may be in a similar situation?

i am trying to spend my time reading rationales as much as i can and taking quiz/practice tests. but there is not enough time in the day to use both achievable and the other learning site i must use on work time.

thanks for the help in advance,


Hi @Live_aquamarine_gaya - I’m sorry the exam didn’t go your way.

It’s definitely tough juggling two different programs. We know some employers require a specific program to be used, which is often implemented so they can keep track of your progress. I would love to give you personalized advice, but I’ll need to know more about your situation (e.g., how much time you have to study, what your obligations are with the other program, etc.).

If you’re willing to share more about your situation, send me a message and share some of those details. I can definitely help you build a customized study plan from there.

I hope others on this forum can share their experiences as well.


Hi @Live_aquamarine_gaya, I looked over your study history and have some additional advice.

It’s great that you’ve taken so many practice exams, but it’s essential to keep in mind that the goal of taking the practice exams is to highlight your weak areas so you can review those topics. After you’ve taken an exam, you should spend several hours going over every question you’ve missed, re-reading the chapter if necessary to ensure that you understand why you missed it so you can get it right next time. It’s easy just to skim through, but it is that focused review that leads to score increases - it’ll save you time in the long run if you focus in and ensure you have that material locked down.

Also, our practice exam scores have a close correlation with scores on the real exam, so if your exam date is coming up and you’re not consistently passing practice exams, it might be a good idea to reschedule your test to give yourself some additional study time.

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I do have to use the AD banker program which is not monitored or regulated. We are thrown in a room and told to follow that to study. The classes we are supposed to “learn in” are 4.5 hrs long for 4 straight days taught by ad banker and you are told to take 2 chapter exam exams each day. Then take the classes again.

I do not benefit from learning through the computer due to mental and cognitive disabilities, which they know of.i am only provided and extra 30 min with testing on the Finra exam. I have asked for some recommendations or personal one on one teaching with no results. With the kind of disabilities i have makes it even more difficult.

I have to complete the ad banker program over from start to finish every time i fail. (So i have done ut twice) With my companies rules u need at least a 60% on the first exam to be able to take again in 30 days(which i got a 66) then at least a 65% on the second exam to try for a third time(unfortunately got a 64 this time) and then wait 30 days again if you get that 65%. If you fail a 3rd time you can not retake with the company and can be terminated

So i can not extend time periods between testing retakes even if i am not fully prepared, and i am even unsure if they will let me take it again this time around so i am waiting for a response from my company.

AD banker is 100% not helpful to me but i just still follow their studying program, and i have been trying to use achievable after my 8hrs of working day studying ad banker but it is difficult and the rationale dont seem the same.

It is hard for me to look at a question that i may have answered wrong and apply that term or rationale to a totally different question.

It is very discouraging and upsetting that i can not pass this exam to move on to future exams and hopefully keep my new job. Not to mention, these exams dont directly pertain to what i am going to he doing at my company way.

Thanks for both your help.



@Live_aquamarine_gaya sorry to hear about your experience trying to get ready and passing the SIE. I applaud you for your effort and doing all you can do to prepare and pass. I don’t know if this will help you or not but I have found the “Read aloud” function in Microsoft Edge web browser to be very helpful in going through the material. It helps me stay on task. You get to it by “right-clicking” on the page you are at and scrolling down and selecting “Read aloud”. Again, I do not know if this will help you or not but will be thinking good thoughts for you.

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Thank you i appreciate that


Hi Sara!
Im almost in the exact position you are in and i know exactly how you feel! i am about to take the SIE for the 3rd time next week and this will basically determine if i get to keep my position or not, which is so overwhelming. I use AD Banker too! Sometimes i do okay and other times i do horrible which is so frustrating. Ive read the book idk how man times at this point and i’ve watched the virtual classed like 6 times, i’m currently in one right now as i type this. I also study for 8hrs then go home and use achievable which if i am being honest the textbook is easier to under stand but i tank the practice test. This is easily the hardest thing i’ve done and i went to college and got a bachelors degree. I have come to a point where the material just wont stick anymore but i still try my best each day. My whole life revolves this test and studying for it and like you, i feel like there isn’t enough time in the day because i have to take time to also disconnect so i don’t go crazy even thought i feel like i have. i have a whole entire notebook filled with noted and then some. Im having a hard time finding balance too. Brett Gross is a good tutor from AD Banker which has helped me a bit but its only for 30 mins. From what it sounds like we may be working for the same company!
Wishing you all the luck!!!

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Hey yes. Unfortunately they arent allowing me to take it again. And ive been through the classes multiple times as well and the tutoring sessions on AD banker. At this point it is a lost cause


Something to remember @Live_aquamarine_gaya - you don’t need company sponsorship to take the SIE exam. You may have to submit the paperwork and pay the exam fee yourself, but you can definitely sit for the exam again once your failure window elapses (30 days if it’s your first or second fail, 180 days otherwise). While this blog was primarily created for taking the exam virtually, @Tyler (Achievable CEO and co-founder) provides a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for the exam.

If the exam is blocking you from your dream job, don’t let it! It may take some time and a lot of effort, but you can definitely do it!


Yes thank you, i understand. I was only taking the tests because they were required by my company. Even though i just was told it would not matter for my actual job position. So it was meaningless to begin with unfortunately. Now i am without a job as well as my hard work for 5 months just went down the drain. Maybe in the future i may try again, but right now, paying out of pocket isnt an option. Thank you all again.