New "wrapping up" section for the Series 7

Today we introduced a new section at the end of the Series 7 materials. The final chapter, “Wrapping up,” now covers the following:

  • Best practices in final days/weeks prior to the exam
  • How to properly approach and utilize Achievable practice exams
  • What to expect on the real exam

This should help you set yourself up for success for test day! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reply to this post or DM me directly. Good luck with your studies!


I completed my series 7 today, well a few hours ago. I knew most of the concepts within reason, I knew the formulas and the way to break down suitability… With that being said, I was not prepared for CD’s, issuance, roll over and distributions. They tagged my ass with CD’s and alot of mutual fund questions. I had minimal options, suitability, stocks and debt. I did get many preferred stock and a ton of scenarios with preferred. I passed some how just wanted to give some info


Thanks so much! Congratulations on your success!

CDs are a tough topic when they’re brought up a bunch, but you still made it! As always, we’ll take your feedback and incorporate it into our materials.

Best of luck to you in your career!

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