New option videos! (Series 7)

We just posted 4 new option videos on the Series 7 Achievable platform totaling nearly 40 minutes of new video content. They’re available in these subchapters:

These videos will help you understand the language of options, which often times is a barrier to fully comprehending these seemingly difficult-to-understand securities.

We’ll have more videos available soon on our platform. In the meantime, good luck with your studies!

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Thanks Brandon! What do you think about putting up videos that relate the concepts to the current activity with GameStop, etc.?

Glad that you asked, @Cin ! I just created a Gamestop-related video this morning that covers how we can relate some of what’s going on to SIE or Series 7 material. Check it out, and I’d love to get your feedback. Would you be interested in getting more videos that are longer, less informal (than our normal videos), but relevant to real world topics?


Wow! That video was so engaging, informative, and helpful! Thank you so much Brandon for taking the time and effort to put that together. It was a refreshing change from the usual material-based test prep provider videos I’m used to having to force myself to watch. I love current events and finding out what leads up to big events, so that part was great. Plus the lessons on short sales, hedging, etc. I would absolutely watch more content like this.

Also I first found out about you/Achievable on Reddit so gotta love the irony lol

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Thanks for watching! I’m going to make a follow up soon given so much happened today. I was out snowboarding most of the day and wasn’t paying attention to the news at all. Just caught up about an hour ago. Wow. Today was historical and GME became an even bigger story.

I’m going to let Friday play out, as tomorrow will likely be even more chaotic (GME weekly options are expiring, plus politics getting involved). I’ll release a part II this weekend going over everything - stay tuned!


I loved this video - great work! Keep it up!

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Thanks for watching, @Johnny2!